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Back To School With Contact Lenses

Posted by: Focus Eye Group

Focus Eye Group

It’s that time of year again, when children get their annual eye exams and head back to school. Many parents are unaware that children can wear contact lenses successfully and many don’t fully recognize their benefits. Did you know that teens and even children with a need for vision correction may ultimately perform better in the classroom, on stage, or the athletic field by making a small change and replacing their glasses with contact lenses?  

Kids Can Wear Contact Lenses!

Your child’s eye development continues throughout childhood. Did you know that one in every four students needs vision correction? The single best way to protect your child’s vision is through regular, professional eye examinations. This is important, as poor eyesight can affect everything from learning ability and athletic performance to self-esteem. Also, untreated eye conditions can worsen, leading to more serious complications.

What Age is Appropriate to Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

Parents tend to think that 12 or 13 is the ‘magic age’ for contact lenses.  It is believed that children of that age are finally mature enough to handle and be responsible for contact lenses, but children as young as 8 can successfully wear, care for and enjoy contact lenses. Children and teens benefit equally from contact lens wear and are equally able to care for their lenses.

Children enjoy wearing contact lenses for many of the same reasons adults like them. Kids like the visual acuity and the way they feel.  They also do not have to worry about their eyeglasses sliding down their noses, fogging up, getting smudged or scratched, and do not have to worry about them while participating in sports and activities. Contact lenses can also make children and teens feel much better about their appearance and help boost their self esteem and their preformance in school and in activities.

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