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BlephEx: The Newest Treatment for Blepharitis

Posted by: Focus Eye Group

Focus Eye Group

Dry eyes! Blepharitis!

Common conditions we run into on a daily basis. Yet these chronic conditions can be stubborn to eradicate and frustrating for patients to manage. That’s why the experts at Levin Luminais Chronister Eye Associates are constantly striving to stay on the leading edge of evolving remedies for these recurring problems.

We are proud to introduce yet another innovation for the treatment of ocular surface disease: BlephEx!

Just out this year, it is a gentle eyelid treatment to relieve symptoms of red, itchy, crusted eyelids and lashes that come from poor hygiene and overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Blepharitis afflicts so many of our patients. Better by far than the soaks and scrubs I have been recommending for years with mixed results, this painless, quick, in-office treatment can transform diseased eyelids back to normal and thereby improve the overall health of the tear film, the lids and the cornea!

Ask if BlephEx is right for you. Call 610-384-9100 to schedule a dry eye evaluation today.